At Open Door Law Corporation, we help our clients deal with many of the legal isues and problems that arise in their domestic relationships.  We protect their rights and the interests of their children by ensuring that alll necessary legal steps are handled promptly and carefully.

If you are considering a divorce or separation in British Columbia, our law firm can help you.  We provide legal services in a wide range of family situations:

  • Filing for uncontested divorce
  • Negotiating and drafting marriage agreements (prenuptial agreement)
  • Negotiating and drafting co-habitation agreements
  • Negotiating and drafting separation agreements
  • Obtaining joint or sole custody and access
  • Securing child and spousal support
  • Dividing family assets
  • Independent legal advice (ILA)

We provide caring and cost-effective solutions to a broad range of domestic legal problems.  However, in an effort to direct our resources where we can provide the best value and serive to our clients, we rarely handle high-conflict divorces centred on custody disputes.

We encourage couples who are separating, whether they are married or in a common law relationship, to work with us in drafting a separation agreement.  It is the most amicable way for a couple to end their relationship and move forward in dividing family assets, calculating child or spousal support and the caring for their children.  We rely on our drafting expertise to provide binding agreements for our clients, who sometimes want the document filed with the court to make it as final and enforceable as a court decision.

We are often retained solely to provide information and drafts of agreements for the couple to consider. The couple may not even need to come to our office, if we can obtain the necessary information by phone (or even by email, if necessary).  Often a legal assistant from our office can gather the relevant details by phone and direct the couple in filling our any necessary forms, which makes the process especially cost-effective and efficient for our clients.   

Our fees for such agreements start at $500 (plus taxes and expenses), if the matter is relatively straight forward. The rate will also depend on whether or not negotiations with the spouse or the spouse's lawyer are necessary.   

If you would like to have consultation to discuss any family law matter, please contact our office @ 604-689-3667 to book an appointment or complete our consultation questionnaire.  


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